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Die Toolbox für Ihre Unternehmensmarke

Inhouse-Workshop 3.1

B2B Brand Management:

The toolkit for your company brand

In this in-house seminar, you will become familiar with the best concepts for building a strong B2B brand and implementing it successfully. After the training, you and your team will not only have mastered the theory of brand management; you will be able to implement your brand strategy by performing the brand positioning process on your own.

Content + tools

Basics of B2B brand management

  • Process and organization, functions and tasks of B2B brand management

  • Basics of brand reception

  • Brand characteristics, brand types, brand elements

  • Components of brand positioning


The branding process

  • Understanding your target group as a crucial component of brand positioning

  • Market research data

  • Starting point

  • Developing a distinct positioning and unique brand strategy

  • Target-oriented selection and self-similar design of activities



Target group

Business owners, decision makers and marketing staff in B2B markets who want to position their company, products or services as a brand to secure long-term success

Stadtwerke Essen AG


MIP Inc., Montreal


Ramis GmbH


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