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About us

The Accensa team includes professors, trainers and consultants that teach at German universities and hold positions in various companies. For more than ten years we have provided consulting services and training to medium-sized companies and divisions of international corporations in various industry sectors. Because we have both the required academic background and a wealth of practical experience, our work is at once science-based and practical, ensuring a successful implementation on the job.

How we work

Trainers in Accensa projects do not just deliver "information" and consultants do not present ready-made concepts. Instead, Accensa gives participants and clients the skills and tools they need to develop solutions of their own: We help you to effectively implement and continue developing the skills and concepts you learn in our seminars. That is how we build competence!

What we can do for you

Clients benefit from our expertise in these three areas:

  • Situation analysis and strategy development

  • Leadership and high performance teams

  • Brand and value management

This comprehensive perspective allows us to adjust the various components of your business model to the needs of the market.

What we do differently

The Accensa team consists of people with different areas of expertise and with a wide range of professional training and experience. This breadth of knowledge and experience is what makes us so successful.

The Accensa team

Prof. Dr. Marcel Crisand

Managing Partner


∙ Conceptual situation analysis

∙ Strategy development

∙ Leadership + high performance teams




Susanne Crisand-Kutscher

Trainer and coach


∙ Conflict management

∙ Self- and time management

∙ Systemic consulting




Markus Knöpfel

Project Manager / Trainer


∙ Strategy development

∙ Team development

∙ Scientific competence assessments




Saskia Rolka

Event management and administration


Sebastian Brockmann



Ivo Haase



∙ Leadership


Prof. Michael Hölz

Scientific advisory board


∙ Corporate responsibility

∙ Sustainability management

Benedikt Crisand



∙ Improvisation training

∙ Presence and presentation training



Philipp Wöll



∙ Leadership and Changemanagement

∙ Communication

∙ Conflict and Conflictmanagement


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