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Analyse & Strategie

Analysis and Strategy

Where do you want your company to go?

A successful business strategy ensures sustainable and profitable growth and a continuous increase of your company's value. With professional assessment techniques and strategic management tools, you can recognize opportunities and potentials in your company, define your visions and translate them into specific goals. Our experts will accompany and support you on this journey. 

How does Accensa work?

We begin most of our consulting and training projects with a thorough analysis of your situation to help you realize where you stand and compare your strengths and weaknesses to the current trends and developments on the market. Based on the findings from this process, we develop a customized business strategy that helps you tackle your challenges. In the next step, we analyze your portfolio to give you an overview of the strategic positioning of your business areas and enable you to make sound decisions on how to best use your resources. Finally, we help you develop an overall strategy outlining the best options to achieve your company's goals.

Consulting and development projects

In a consulting project, our experts will not just work with you to develop a customized strategy for your company; they will also show you how to select and use the right tools to get where you want to go. Our strategy coaching is based on evaluating different options and helping you decide which components should be included in your corporate strategy. Implementing a new strategy involves changes for your entire organization. Clearly defined development steps will help you master the complexity and uncertainty inherent in change processes.

In-house Workshops

Our in-house workshops give you an overview of the essential steps and tools you need to develop and implement your business strategy.


In-house Workshop 1.1:

Strategy development:

Tools for effective strategy development


In-house Workshop 1.2:

Strategy implementation:

Successful strategy implementation through skillful change management

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The Accensa Team "Analysis and Strategy"

Cooperation partners

Extensive analysis and strategy projects are implemented in cooperation with the consulting firms UNITY AG and Dr. Kraus & Partner. With the help of its partners, Accensa was able in 2013 and 2014 to implement projects for leading international companies of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and the capital goods industry.

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