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Inhouse-Workshop 3.2

Target-oriented marketing communication:

Managing your company's perception and effect

Your brand is the face of your corporate identity and a promise to your target group. With the right brand communication, you will set yourself apart from your competitors and project a clear and attractive image of your products or services to your target group. Your customers will react with more trust and greater appreciation.

Content + tools

  • Translating corporate values and strategy into communication codes

  • Projecting a clear, authentic image of your company to staff and customers

  • Presenting your company with a high degree of self-similarity in the relevant communication channels

  • Basic components of the brand steering wheel

  • Developing specific implementation measures

  • Preparing a professional agency briefing


Target groups

Executive teams and marketing departments wanting to translate their corporate strategy into effective brand and company communication

Stadtwerke Essen AG


MIP Inc., Montreal


Ramis GmbH


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