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Inhouse-Workshop 2.2

Effective leadership: Using leadership styles to best effect


A clear management style enables executives to fulfill their task as the essential link between a company's goals and its staff. This in-house seminar will teach you and your team to develop your personal style of leadership and lay the groundwork for your management success, allowing you to guide your "crew" safely through challenging times.


Content + tools

  • Basics of leadership

  • Recognizing and using your own leadership style

  • Managerial vs. modern leadership

  • The potential of the "4 i's"

  • Appropriate use of cohesion and locomotion

  • Leading executives

  • Guiding companies through times of change

  • The employee interview as a stage of success: preparation and target-oriented interviewing

  • "Standards" of constructive feedback

  • Checklist for documenting your success

  • The ten most frequent leadership mistakes and how to avoid them


Target group

  • (Nachwuchs-) Führungskräfte-Teams

  • Fachabteilungen, die als Team stärker zusammenwachsen und effizienter zusammenarbeiten wollen


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