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Inhouse-Workshop 1.2

Strategy implementation: Successful strategy implementation through skillful change management

A new strategy can only be implemented successfully if the staff is willing to accept changes. Learn how to master necessary change processes and how to use the right tools to become a successful "change manager".

Content + tools

  • Roles and tasks of a change manager

  • Change management: complexity, uncertainty, leadership & learning

  • Evolutionary vs. revolutionary change

  • Growing from cynicism to action: "Just another wheeze-a-week strategy..."

  • The 8 steps of successful change: from the first communication to the institutionalization of changes

  • Power base, coalition building and communication in times of change

  • Handling resistance and eliminating social disruptions


Target groups

  • (Junior-level) executive teams
  • Departments involved in corporate strategy
  • Start-ups



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