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Brand and Value Management

What does your company stand for?

Your brand is the face of your company and a promise to your target group. Good brand communication helps you and your brand to stand out from your competitors. Your customers will react with more trust and greater appreciation. Accensa offers consulting projects and in-house training to support you in creating a strong brand identity.

How does Accensa work?

In the consulting and training projects on brand development, we use the most successful concepts for building a unique brand. You and your team will learn the theory behind brand development, and how to apply the relevant concepts to your case. In this way, you can develop the essential components of your brand DNA yourself and create a target-oriented brand communication.

Consulting and development projects

We will perform a depth market analysis in accordance with your initial situation and objectives. Based on the findings of this analysis, we will develop a course of action to redefine your company brand using a professional set of methods from the marketing departments of renowned B2B and B2C companies. Our goal is not to deliver a ready-made brand concept, but to support you and your team while you develop your own brand management skills.

In-house Workshops

In our 1- to 3-day in-house workshops on brand and value management, you will become familiar with the key success factors for building a unique brand and ensuring effective marketing communication:


In-house Workshop 3.1:

B2B brand management

The toolkit for your company brand


In-house Workshop 3.2:

Company and brand communication

Managing your company's perception and effect

Reference projects "Brand and Value Management"

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