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Inhouse-Workshop 2.3

Resolving conflicts and overcoming obstacles:

Recognizing the causes of conflicts and developing solutions.

In this seminar you will learn to recognize the many causes of conflicts on the personal, relationship, communication and professional level, and to deal with them constructively. You will become familiar with the most important measures for positive escalation and learn how to resolve conflicts, bring them out in the open instead of allowing them to seethe beneath the surface. Together we will take an in-depth look at the signs of conflict, your own role in conflicts and the various ways of solving them.

Content + tools

  • Recognizing and understanding conflicts:

    • What is a conflict? What is not a conflict?

    • Inner and social conflicts

    • Causes of conflicts

  • Handling conflicts constructively

    • Conflict prevention

    • The "U-process" in mediation

    • Methods and techniques of handling conflicts

    • Conflict diagnosis

    • Basic attitude in a conflict


  • The dynamics of conflict escalation

    • The nine escalation levels

    • Escalation thresholds


  • Personal aspects in social conflicts

    • Differences of perception, thinking, imagining or wanting

    • Your own conflict script and your personal ability to deal with conflict

Target groups

  • (Junior-level) executive teams

  • Departments who want to grow together and work more efficiently as a team


Markus Knöpfel

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