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Leadership and

High Performance Teams

Leadership and High Performance Teams

Is your team working to full potential? High performance teams deliver better results in any situation that requires a combination of different skills and experiences. This is something you can support and develop within your own team. The Accensa experts will help you find ways to lead your staff professionally and to keep improving your team’s competences.

How does Accensa work?

All our projects are based on the best leadership and team concepts available today. Our trainers will enable you and your team to effectively implement and continue improving on the skills you learn in our seminars. We give you the means you to develop you own solutions. That is why all our seminars are highly interactive and personalized.

Discover your personal leadership style between the roles of "manager" and "leader" and learn to provide exactly the leadership your staff needs in every situation. With this goal in sight, you will lay the foundation for your success and be able to guide your "crew" safely through crises and challenging times:

Consulting and development projects

Based on a thorough team analysis and proven leadership concepts, we guide and support your executive team on its way to a new management culture. We take a look at successful sports teams to illustrate ways to build and develop high performing teams. But we do much more than just train you in team and leadership concepts. In order to ensure your long-term learning success, we perform live improvisations that allow you to internalize the lesson and break habitual patterns of behavior in specific business situations. The status of each team is determined using scientific competence checks at various points during the development process.

In-house Workshops

The Accensa Team "Leadership and High Performance Teams"

Prof. Dr. Marcel Crisand

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