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Reference projects "Strategy and Analysis"

Simultaneous strategy and team development


The strategic product management of the Postpress business area was revised in a multi-stage consulting and training process. At the same time, employees developed new strategic competences in order to increase their individual scope of action.


Strategy development

  • Redesign of product planning and the product ideas process

  • Development and presentation of an updated and extended business plan (strategic methods: SWOT, portfolio and strategy table)


Team development

  • Clarification and development of roles: the changed role of the strategic product manager

  • Team phases and team performance inventory

  • Personal communication style and its effect on others

Customer feedback



"Accensa is the partner of choice for advanced training in the area of strategic management. I don't know of any training for product managers that's more efficient."


Volker Walz, Vice President Product Management, Postpress Commercial, Heidelberg Postpress Deutschland GmbH

Company information



Heidelberg Postpress Deutschland GmbH


Sector: Mechanical engineering


Products: Print converting equipment


Sales volume: 2,735 million EUR

(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG overall)


Staff: approx. 13,600

(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG overall)


Location: Heidelberg



Simultaneous succession management and marketing/sales strategy development


Within the framework of a generation change, the company decided to redefine its marketing and sales strategy. This included changes in the sales team and the integration of sales and marketing activities into an overall concept.

  • From the "four P's" of a classic marketing approach to the "four A's" of modern marketing (awareness, acceptability, affordability, accessibility)

  • Differentiation excellence approach: the "Mannheim Shell Model" for differentiation in commoditized markets

  • Modern sales concept: "benefit selling" vs. "feature selling" and/or "discount selling"

Customer feedback




"Accensa offers something that is especially important to us as a medium-sized company: strategic orientation combined with pragmatism and straightforward problem-solving approaches. We do want to follow sound concepts that have been proven empirically, but without getting stuck in dull theory. Our benefit: We get instructions that help us orientate ourselves whenever necessary and bring our operations back into line with our business strategy."


Matthias Vollherbst, board member and Head of Marketing and Sales

Company information




VollherbstDruck GmbH


Sector: Print production


Products: Design and production of high-end labels


Staff: approx. 120


Sales volume: approx. 12 million EUR


Location: Endingen

Reference project "Leadership and High Performance Teams"

Team and leadership development


After a reorganization of the sales structure that presented great challenges for the company’s team spirit and leadership, the new philosophy and objectives had to be broken down and put in concrete terms by various teams:


  • Creating a positive, optimistic outlook in the team in order to master upcoming challenges

  • Defining expectations and developing a new understanding of roles: defining common rules & values

  • Developing an inspiring vision

  • Determining effective courses of action in the team

  • Creating competence profiles of the various functions

  • Performing an extensive competence test of all team members in accordance with the new requirements, and discussing the results in the team

  • Preparing personal development plans

Customer feedback


"I was impressed that the Accensa team always remained pragmatic, energetic and forward-looking even in difficult constellations. Accensa is helping us achieve more than we expected."


Rainer Haus, Head of Personnel Development, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG



"Terrific package with a lot of information that you can use straight away. The Accensa team did an extraordinary job in analyzing our challenges and motivating the participants; a high level of personal commitment, the will to succeed, an inspiring location and constructive feedback moved us all..."


Andreas Doikas, Regional Business Manager Service, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Company information


Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH


Sector: Mechanical engineering


Service: Sale and service of printing presses


Sales volume: 2,735 million EUR

(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG overall)


Staff: approx. 13,600


(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG overall)


Location: Heidelberg

Reference projects "Brand and Value Management"

Simultaneous marketing and brand strategy development


On the basis of a customer survey, Accensa developed a new, comprehensive marketing concept and a unique brand strategy:


  • Analyzing the corporate image (current positioning)

  • Defining the objectives of the future brand management (target identity) based on "customer insights", the SWOT analysis and the status of the strategy

  • Preparing briefing documents for a comprehensive agency pitch

  • Professional evaluation and selection of the submitted campaigns and communication guidelines

Customer feedback



"I was really impressed by the dynamics that were created in the brand strategy process. Our team continued to develop the concepts in the weeks after the seminar and worked with great enthusiasm to implement them!"


Holger Sparka, Assistant to the Board, Stadtwerke Essen AG

Company information



Stadtwerke Essen AG


Sector: Utility company


Products: Electricity, gas, water, waste water and port operations (supply of 3 billion kilowatt hours of gas and approx. 40 million cubic meters of water to the city of Essen)


Staff: 900


Location: Essen

Brand and team development


The company's brand strategy had to be redefined after the marketing team had grown and the international responsibility had extended. Additionally the international marketing team should "grow together" during the workshops:


  • Development of an individual brand and marketing communication process

  • Development of a specific marketing situation analysis and development of brand objectives

  • Defining relevant and differentiating brand values

  • Realization of marketing communications: How do we translate brand values ​​in communication?

  • Principles of project management in marketing: Effective coordination and implementation processes

What does the client says?


“With the know-how from the workshop, our marketing team has clear understanding of a professional approach and the motivation to promote new features!"


Gabriel Boardman

Vice President of Marketing & Product Management, MIP Inc. 

Information about the company


MIP and MIP Inc. Europe



Health Care Industry



Textiles for Hospitals and nursing homes



Montreal + Hamburg

Qualitative market research,

development of a brand identity and a concept for its implementation


Within the framework of revising the communication concept, Accensa helped the company redefine its brand identity based on customer insights and the marketing strategy:


  • Qualitative market research: conducting personal in-depth interviews

  • Analyzing the results and defining customer types based on different attitudes and needs

  • Revising and expanding the brand identity

  • Developing a brand communication strategy: What information do we present to potential customers?

  • Development and specifications for a new corporate design based on the findings

  • Design and text of the new customer brochure

Customer feedback




"Today potential customers have a much clearer idea of my company than in the past – even before they meet me in person, which makes it much easier for me to talk to them. That would not have been possible without the comprehensive support by Accensa!"


Ramis Suliman

Company information



Ramis GmbH


Sector: Diamonds wholesale

Products and services: Consulting for jewelers and goldsmiths and sale of a wide selection of diamonds


Staff: 6


Location: Pforzheim

Companies that have worked with Accensa and Prof. Dr. Marcel Crisand



∙ Bayer AG


∙ Betapharm Arzneimittel GmbH (Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Indien)




∙ Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG


∙ Bofest Consult GmbH


∙ Bristol-Myers Squibb


∙ ColorDruckLeimen GmbH


∙ Cosmos Lebens­ver­si­che­rungs-Akti­en­ge­sell­schaft


∙ Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH


∙ Freudenberg SE


∙ Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Schweiz


∙ Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG


∙ Luisenhospital Aachen


∙ Lundbeck A/S, Dänemark


∙ Mederi AG (SkilaMederi)


∙ Merck Serono, Schweiz


∙ Serono Symposia International Foundation (SSIF), Italien


∙ Stadtwerke Essen AG


∙ MIP Inc. (Canada) and MIP Europe (Deutschland)


∙ Pharm-Allergan GmbH


∙ Ramis Diamanten Großhandel GmbH


∙ Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO), Saudi-Arabien


∙ VollherbstDruck GmbH

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