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How does business work in Germany? 

Develop your individual sales strategy for the German market 


Are you successful with your products and services in the Netherlands or Benelux states and want to expand into the German market? That might prove difficult without in-depth knowledge of the market and experienced cooperation partners. More likely than not, you would have to learn the hard way what it takes to be successful in Germany. 

Services for your market entry in Germany 

Understanding the market 

  • Analysis:  Find out how the German market is structured and what you should expect 

  • Competitor analysis:  Learn to correctly estimate the strengths and weaknesses of your German competitors

  • Customer analysis: Know your target group in Germany and "what makes it tick" to find the right position for your products and services on the market


Marketing and sales concept for the German market 

  • Define the best product portfolio and optimal pricing for the German market

  • Learn how to correctly transfer your brand and position it to give it a competitive edge

  • Develop and implement the perfect sales strategy for the German market to reach your German target group with the minimum expenditure of time and money

Marketing and sales controlling

  • Define relevant key figures

  • Develop and implement custom-made methods and tools to ensure sustainable marketing success

Our team for your sales strategy in Germany

With Accensa you have an experienced partner who is thoroughly familiar with the central success factors on the German market.  We will support you in preparing and implementing your targeted sales activities in Germany. We are a medium-sized consulting and training company headquartered in Heidelberg. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in business and sales strategy.

This is Accensa

Long-standing international experience:

More than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing market strategies

Proximity to German and international universities:

Use of scientifically based business methods and the latest advances in the field

Passion for our work 

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