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In-house Workshop 1.1

Strategy development: Tools for effective strategy development


This in-house workshop deals with the "showcase discipline" of management. Strategy development means establishing your target and then defining and formulating the strategy you need to achieve it. You will learn how to develop strategies that guarantee long-term success and how to apply the right tools in the right places. You will also learn to make strategic decisions based on sound information in order to prepare your company for the future and ensure long-term growth. Find out how regular updates create a dynamic strategy process that lets your company stay abreast of market developments.

Content + tools

  • Basics and fields of action of strategic management

  • Essential components of a corporate strategy

  • Translating your vision into long-term targets and target systems

  • Strategy development: necessary steps and essential tools

  • Formulating customized strategies

  • Strategy evaluation and strategy process

Target groups

  • (Junior-level) executive teams
  • Departments involved in corporate strategy
  • Start-ups



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