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Prof. Michael Hölz

Scientific Advisory Board


Prof. Michael Hölz has been working at SRH University Heidelberg since 2004 as a teacher and professor of business management and marketing. In addition, he supports the introduction and implementation of the "CORE principle", a new teaching and learning system that was introduced to the university in October 2012. He studied business administration at Mannheim University and worked for Deutsche Bank Group from 1986 to 2011. As Group Sustainability Officer, he was responsible for the global area of sustainability (corporate officer for the sustainability management system), in conjunction with the bank's corresponding internal risk systems. He also represented Deutsche Bank in national and international committees, among them UN Global Compact (member of the former advisory council of Kofi Annan), the Global Reporting Initiative (former board member), the UNEP Finance Initiative (chairman 2000-2005), the econsense forum for sustainable development of the German economy (board member 2007-March 2011) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Prof. Hölz currently serves on the special committee "Growth, prosperity, quality of life" of the German parliament. Over the course of 20 years, he was the leading architect of corporate responsibility at Deutsche Bank; his focus in the past 15 years has been promoting the idea of sustainable commerce – both within and outside the bank. He is not just committed to advancing the idea of sustainable development, but also to initiating appropriate measures and seeing them implemented. Prof. Michael Hölz continues to work in selected projects of Deutsche Bank.

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